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A Mother’s Journey, Inspired by Compassionate Care

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Pediatrician Jessica Hollman, MD shares a favorite children’s book with Kareli E. and her son

For pediatrician Jessica Hollman, MD, compassionate care extends beyond regularly scheduled medical visits or well-child exams. With 18 years of experience at Marin Community Clinics, Dr. Hollman’s holistic approach involves serving as a sounding board for both patient and parents – earning their trust and offering helpful advice along the way. Her dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Like other pediatricians at the Clinics, she creates a bond with patients that often lasts for years to come and sometimes spans generations, such as with Kareli E.

A Home Away From Home

Kareli’s trust in Dr. Hollman and Marin Community Clinics runs deep – there’s no place she would rather take her 16-month-old son Sebastian for care. “Marin Community Clinics is the place we’ve always gone to because it’s the place we’ve always felt safe,” said Kareli, explaining that her mom took her and her two siblings to the Clinics back when they were infants and throughout their childhoods. She’s known Dr. Hollman her entire life.

Kareli E., her son Sebastian, & Dr. Jessica Hollman. Kareli has seen Dr. Hollman since she was a toddler. She now brings Sebastian to Marin Community Clinics.

Having that bond and a trustworthy, positive influence to lean on when she needed it most was crucial for Kareli in overcoming some of the complex challenges involved with teen pregnancy. “I look up to her,” Kareli said of Dr. Hollman, “in everything she does.

Full-Circle Health Care

For Dr. Hollman, being there for Kareli and Sebastian relates back to why she chose the path of pediatrics in the first place. ‘As a pediatrician, you can really make a difference and help shape a child’s life,’ said Dr. Hollman, who’s happy to share personal parenting tips and insight from her own life experiences if it helps guide her patients through a difficult situation.

Today, Kareli is studying at San Francisco State University and caring for Sebastian (also thriving) with the help of her family and loved ones. She plans to apply to the University’s nursing program – inspired in no small part by Dr. Hollman.

Seeing Kareli thrive as a mother is reaffirming and inspiring for Dr. Hollman too: ‘I wouldn’t even describe her as a ‘teen mother’ – she’s actually an amazing, model parent. One that happens to be young


“Marin Community Clinics is the place we’ve always gone to because it’s the place we’ve always felt safe” – Kareli E.

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