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Donor Profile: Joan Kelly, Ph. D.

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Meet Joan Kelly:

Clinical Psychologist
World Traveler

Joan Kelly, Ph.D., and her husband, James Kelly, MD, are longtime supporters of Marin Community Clinics and members of our Legacy Circle. As a clinical child psychologist and renowned author and researcher, Dr. Kelly has traveled the world to present her work, sharing her findings and educating audiences in Canada, China, Ireland, and beyond.

Joan & James Kelly at Marin Community Clinics’ Summer Solstice Celebration

Having lived in Marin County since 1970, the Kellys remain highly engaged and committed to the community. They enjoy catching up with former medical colleagues and friends at community events, such as our Legacy Circle Luncheon.  

Dr. Kelly spent the majority of her career focusing on the effects of divorce and separation on children. Her research was centered around in-depth conversations with children that were experiencing separation-related depression. The findings – groundbreaking at the time – paved the way in promoting the benefits of joint custody and the importance of speaking with children about separation and divorce.

We support a lot of charitable interests and Marin Community Clinics is front and center for us,” says Dr. Kelly. “The Clinics are helping people who are terribly underserved in our community.

The Clinics’ work in supporting children and families – including those that have experienced significant trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – remains near and dear to Dr. Kelly’s heart. In many ways, the Kellys supporting Marin Community Clinics is a continuation of her life’s work.

She believes strongly in the Clinics’ mission and feels it’s important to contribute regularly. “I think what the Clinics are doing is important work,” says Dr. Kelly. “It’s a unique organization and it’s a great fit for the community’s needs, fulfilling a need that was previously unfulfilled.

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