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Dental Spotlight: Expanded Orthodontics has Kids Smiling & Parents Saving Big

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Orthodontist and Patient

Orthodontist Cristina Sola, DDS, with a Clinics patient following a consultation

With our recently expanded orthodontics program – now operating 5 days a week – individuals aged 21 and under now have better access to orthodontic care. The program, operating within the Mobile Dental Clinic, is a convenient and more affordable option for families to receive orthodontic care – from braces to expanders and more.

Patients are referred to Orthodontist Cristina Sola, DDS, following a regular dental evaluation at Marin Community Clinics. Dr. Sola, who is bilingual in English and Spanish, conducts consultations, determines treatment plans, and reviews next steps with families.

We’re intervening early enough so that we can prevent future dental problems, such as needing to pull teeth due to overcrowding later on.” – Connie Kadera, DDS

According to Chief Dental Officer Connie Kadera, DDS, it’s a new opportunity for young patients to receive oral health care that was formerly cost-prohibitive or not accessible for many families. The Clinics is bridging the gap.

Many cases, including the consultations, are fully covered by Medi-Cal. When coverage is not available, our sliding scale fee system is an option, reducing the financial burden for families.

The treatment goes beyond improving the appearance of smiles. “We’re primarily treating non-cosmetic or ‘functional’ issues for patients,” said Dr. Kadera, “and we’re intervening early enough so that we can prevent future dental problems, such as needing to pull teeth later on due to overcrowding.

The results – which can include improved overall health, better speech, and boosted self-esteem – have kids and parents smiling. The convenience is key. “Everything is done on-site” said Dr. Kadera, “which makes receiving orthodontic care so much less complicated.”

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