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Connecting for Health Spring 2017

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The National Health Care Scene: what it could mean to our patients

By Linda Tavaszi, PhD, CEO

A few years ago, Marin Community Clinics sent a strong message to our supporters: with the advent of Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), things were going to rapidly change – and we were prepared.

The Act enabled more people to purchase health insurance – and when people are insured, they use more healthcare services. In anticipation, we expanded our Novato Campus, added more dental chairs, and developed new programs to respond to increasing patient demand.

Uncertain times continue

None of us anticipated that the ACA might be repealed, and we were greatly relieved when the recent repeal attempt failed. The ACA has not been perfect, but it is working!

Although it appears that the ACA will be stable for the time being, the situation is fluid. When we went to press in late April, repeal proponents indicated that they were
“not giving up on health law overhaul.”

What unraveling the Affordable Care Act could mean to our patients

Close to 6,000 of our patients became insured when the ACA expanded Medi-Cal eligibility. Imagine what it could mean if these patients were once again uninsured. They might delay seeking care, use emergency departments for the most basic care, or their chronic diseases might not be identified early on. Some would undoubtedly to come to us as uninsured patients, while others might be less likely to use our services. What a shame it would be for the progress that has been made to fall by the wayside!

Our mission remains steadfast

Regardless of the political landscape, Marin Community Clinics’ mission will not change.

In 2017, our focus will be on solidifying and enhancing what we do.

  • Enhancing care to treat the whole person
    – linking together prevention, education, medical, dental, and mental health care to ensure optimal coordination of care
  • Exploring the use of new technologies, including telemedicine
  • Serving more patients who are already insured and would not otherwise use a community clinic, and helping patients navigate changes in their insurance coverage.

It may not be easy to accomplish our 2017 plans given potential changes at the national level. But, we are a strong organization – fiscally healthy, with a strong board of directors and committed staff.

Another key to our continuing success is the long-standing generosity of the community. Not knowing what the future will bring, donations will be more important than ever.

Q&A with Mitesh Popat, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer and Associate Chief Executive Officer

Q What type of patient education do you provide?

We currently provide educational groups in stress management, chronic pain, living with diabetes, safety (from trauma or substance abuse), healthy eating on a budget, coping with neonatal death, and pregnancy nutrition. Because groups are not for everyone, we also offer one-on-one education. ….READ MORE

Clinician Spotlight: Meet Physician Mai Magliocco, MD

Internal Medicine physician Dr. Mai Magliocco has an unusual history with Marin Community Clinics. In 2005, she joined us as a medical assistant; in the fall of 2016, she began full-time work an adult primary care physician at our San Rafael Clinic.

Life experience points to medicine

An alumna of Drake High School and a liberal arts major in college, she began…. READ MORE

What’s New at Marin Community Clinics?

  • New Board Chair takes office in July

  •  Telemedicine comes to the Clinics

  • Improved Access to Cardiac Care

  • Staff Recognition’s

  • Survey of Social Needs


Going Above & Beyond: Our Patient Care Navigation Program

Supporting patients “outside the exam room” to improve their well-being

Imagine finding your way around the complex US health care environment if you don’t speak English, come from a different culture, or can’t read or write. Or, imagine that you are homeless, can’t afford to buy food, don’t have transportation, are worried about your immigration status, or have experienced bias from health care providers. Understandably, getting health care may not be your top priority; at a minimum, the prospect can be daunting.

At Marin Community Clinics, we know that many of our patients need help navigating the system. We also know that the same social and economic issues that create…. READ MORE

Your Contributions Make a Difference

Read about why two long-time Marin civic leaders support Marin Community Clinics.

Susan and Dennis Gilardi’s connection to healthcare and helping those in need goes back a long way.

Susan’s father was an old-style physician – a general practitioner and surgeon who did everything from setting bones to delivering babies. One memory that has stayed with her since childhood: her father accepting in-kind payments from patients who were unable to pay cash for his services – boysenberries from their yards, fresh eggs from their chicken coops, or a hand-made quilt. Dennis’ grandfather, who ran a butcher shop in Marin, helped people during the Depression when….READ MORE

Volunteer Profile: Connecting Patients with Community Resources

Larkspur resident Mary Valente may not have a lot of personal contact with Clinics patients, but she is certainly making a difference in their lives. For the past nine months, she has volunteered 7-8 hours/week, assisting in the Patient Care Navigation program. Her assignment: to connect patients with community resources to meet very specific needs – a job that often requires “thinking outside the box.”

Here’s how it works. Hannah Bichkoff, Patient Care Navigator, contacts Mary regarding a need. Then, Mary gets to work – mostly from her home – researching on the internet, making phone calls, and filling out necessary forms.

Finding creative solutions

Here’s just a sample of what she has accomplished:…READ MORE

We Need Your Help Now More than Ever

A Message from John E. Boland, III, DDS, MSD, Board Chair

In the face of sweeping changes that we may be facing in health care, Marin Community Clinics cannot accomplish our goals alone. We need your help now more than ever.

2016 was one of our most successful fundraising years, setting organizational records across the board, from our Summer Solstice Celebration event to our annual appeal. With your help, we can break all of those records in 2017!

Our 2017 Fundraising Priorities

✔ Weekly Health Hubs in Novato and San Rafael
✔ Clinical Specialist Staff
✔ Expanding programs to give more access to Medicare-eligible patients
✔ Closing the potential monetary gap from decreased federal and state reimbursement

Summer Solstice: Save the Date

Save the date – it’s almost Summer Solstice time again!

Our popular celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the enchanting Marin Art & Garden Center. This year’s theme is Homage to the Sunflower.

The Summer Solstice Celebration is Marin Community Clinics’ sole annual fundraiser. All proceeds go towards continuing our mission to improve the health of our patients and community by providing high quality, cost-effective, culturally sensitive, patient-centered health care.

Join the celebration!

We invite you to come along and celebrate a magical evening of food, drinks and jubilation in recognition of the Clinics and fellow community members. Tickets for this event are $125 per person; invitations will be mailed in May. We also have sponsorship opportunities available starting at $500 for Individuals and $1000 for Businesses.

To purchase tickets and sponsorships online, please visit

Get your tickets now before we sell out!

Questions? Contact us by email at
or call 415-526-8527.

If you would like to make a donation online rather than through the mail, please visit If you would like a tour of our Clinics,
please email or call 415-798-3169.

Bereavement gifts are a meaningful way to both honor a departed friend or loved one and to support the Clinics.
When long time supporter Dr. Gerson Jacobs recently died, he named our Clinics as one of his beneficiaries.
We’ve received a number of generous gifts from his friends and former colleagues, and are most appreciative.