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Donor Profile: Marin Community Foundation

By November 14, 2018November 24th, 2020No Comments

Your Contributions Make a Difference

Read why the Marin Community Foundation supports the Clinics and how it has played a critical role in our success.

When listening to Dr. Tom Peters, President & CEO of Marin Community Foundation (MCF) and Shirin Vakharia, MCF’s Director of Health & Aging, talk about Marin Community Clinics, it is clear that they are real fans.

Marin Community Clinics is a significant and much needed provider in Marin,” says Dr. Peters. “Access to health care is a fundamental human right. Until the U.S. has a policy of
universal access, there needs to be a respectful and high quality dedicated organization that cares for the underserved. The Clinics is certainly that.”

The team at the Clinics carries out its mission every day, providing all the elements of care and with a strong focus on the social determinants of health,” says Ms. Vakharia. “Their quality of care is unquestionably ‘gold standard.’”

Long-standing Support

MCF, the tenth largest community foundation in the U.S., has been a major funder of the Clinics since its early years. Since 1997, with the generosity of scores of its donors, MCF has provided grants totaling $14 million. Support has ranged from the San Rafael and Novato capital campaigns to obstetrics services planning and quality efforts. MCF administered the five-year Sutter Health Access to Care grant, of which the Clinics was one recipient. Currently, MCF is funding a planning grant for a new Clinics program called “Healthy Eating Active Living,” addressing senior nutrition issues.

A partnership to achieve health equity

MCF has a long-standing commitment to health equity and supporting the health care safety net,” explains Ms. Vakharia. “When we look at how to make an impact, supporting the Clinics is a natural choice. Not only does it serve 80% of Marin’s underserved population, but it provides highly sophisticated, integrated care.”

We are trying to achieve the same thing,” she continues. “Marin Community Clinics is the expert in health care and MCF has the resources to help. We listen to where it is moving and to learn how we can help on its journey.”

Both Dr. Peters and Ms.Vakharia speak enthusiastically about the Clinics’ leadership, including its executives, physicians and staff. “They are courageous,” reports Dr. Peters, “and are key players in larger community discussions about challenging issues such as immigration and housing.”

Dr. Peters notes that operating community clinics is complicated and requires perceptive and rigorous management. “Donors give with their hearts,” he says, “but they also need to know that the organization is well managed. MCC is a fabulous investment that offers something for every type of donor.”

Marin Community Clinics extends its heartfelt appreciation to The Marin Community Foundation. “Its support has been instrumental in our ability to create state-of-the-art clinics and implement innovative programs,” reports Mitesh Popat, MD, MPH, CEO. “To us, MCF is more than a donor – it is a valued partner in improving the health of the community.”