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New Clinic Boosts Access, Convenience

By August 26, 2022No Comments

It’s no accident that Marin Community Clinics’ locations are near where many patients reside. Being accessible to those we serve is important – by foot, vehicle, or public transportation. Now, with the opening of our telehealth-forward West San Rafael Clinic at 1618 Second Street, we’re breaking down geographical barriers further and continuing to meet our patient where they are. For many, that means connecting online.

A Healthy Connection
Telehealth – the practice of delivering services via telecommunication technologies such as computers and mobile devices – has been a popular care modality for years, but due to regulations, it wasn’t a viable solution for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) until the pandemic changed the landscape. In 2020, COVID-19 forced patients to stay at home and telehealth became an absolute necessity. Emergency legislation lifted long-standing restrictions that previously prevented FQHCs from getting reimbursed for most telehealth visits.

The Clinics has since fully embraced the expansion of this modality, so much so that the new clinic is specifically designed to leverage the benefits and convenience that telehealth brings for both patients and providers. “We’re now seeing patients [during telehealth visits] that have indicated they would previously avoid getting a check-up or treatment entirely,” explained Chief Medical Officer Melanie Thompson, DO. “Now, they don’t have to miss a day of work, or we can even schedule a visit between their work shifts; some patients are more comfortable communicating via telehealth as well.

The West San Rafael Clinic additionally enables the organization to further integrate its Behavioral Health and Medical departments. It features six rooms (12 divided telehealth spaces – each equipped with cameras and speedy, user-friendly technology); an in-person exam room; a consultation room; an on-site lab; and a conference room. Visits (including in-person visits) are currently available by appointment.

Learn more about the West San Rafael Clinic: