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Marin Community Clinics Keeps Growing and Changing

By February 9, 2016November 24th, 2020No Comments

Marin Community Clinics’ CEO Linda Tavaszi and Chair of the Board, John Boland, III, DDS, MSD co-wrote an article in the Marin Independent Journal about the evolution of the clinics. It was released on the online edition on Sunday and featured in the Monday’s newspaper. We are so proud at what Marin Community Clinics has become and look forward to meeting the growing healthcare needs of ALL residents of Marin County!

Marin Voice: Marin Community Clinics keeps growing and changing

As consumers, most of us have experienced first-hand the many changes that have taken place in health care. It’s a different world.

Times are changing in the world of community clinics as well, including Marin Community Clinics.

We are light years away from what we were in the 1970s, when an all-volunteer team provided basic care to indigent patients in church basements.

We’ve continued to change over the years, but none of the change has been as rapid or as dramatic as the past few years. Marin Community Clinics is truly a different organization than it was in 2013 — and all for the good.

What has changed?

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