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Donor Profile: Jordan Shields

By November 21, 2019November 24th, 2020No Comments

Multiple connections to Marin Community Clinics inspires philanthropy.

Meet Jordan Shields, a Marin Community Clinics’ supporter who has been involved with us in multiple ways and who is committed to supporting our mission.

Jordan has good reasons to be a fan of the Clinics — his great grandchildren are patients, and he has family members who are Clinics’ employees. Because of his different interactions with the Clinics, Jordan has a deep understanding of the need for the services we offer to our patients and community.

Philanthropy as a priority

Jordan, who has been a Novato resident for 34 years, is a partner (and in some cases owner) of several companies including the Arrows Benefits Group, Personal Prospective, Patriot Growth Insurance Services, and Iron Skies Advisors. Giving back to the community is a family tradition, and a priority — Jordan, his wife Kathy, and children have always been involved with organizations and programs that work to build and strengthen communities.

At the Arrows Benefits Group, for example, employees are compensated for their volunteer time and encouraged to engage in community work. “Arrows Benefits Group is a philanthropy-oriented organization and is committed to our clients, and also to addressing the needs of our community.”

In addition to donating to the Clinics, Jordan and Arrow Benefits Group support Big Brothers and Big Sisters, United Cerebral Palsy, and North Bay Children’s Center, among others. Traditionally, Jordan has donated to healthcare facilities in Marin, so he felt strongly that he wanted to include Marin Community Clinics in his philanthropy efforts.

Jordan began donating to Marin Community Clinics a few years ago, including sponsoring our Summer Solstice Celebration. In recent years, he has seen his family members who are Clinics patients thrive and be happy with the services they receive. He also knows that his family members who work at the Clinics think highly of the organization and are proud of their contributions to our success. So, it just made sense for him to get more involved and contribute to our growth. As he says, “Among the healthcare facilities in our county, the Clinics probably has the biggest community impact.”

What would Jordan say to potential donors?

Marin is known to be a wealthy county, but there are also ‘pockets of poverty’ and a lot of people who are not able to secure insurance or have jobs that offer benefits. The Clinics takes care of these people. I have watched how much the Clinics has expanded, and that is truly encouraging. Full health services are being offered to everyone, not just to those with limited resources. Supporting an organization such as the Clinics is critical to making a lasting impact in our community’s health. Everyone should do it.