Pamela Doerr Kashani

Dr. Doerr-Kashani is Family Nurse Practitioner who also has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. Her special interests within the medical field are in endocrine and autoimmune diseases, and disease prevention for all ages.

She believes in patient-centered care in which the patient determines what is meaningful and valuable to them in terms of their health. She relishes the opportunity to partner with them towards meeting those needs. She is honored to use her knowledge to teach patients about their health conditions, and to provide them available options for treatment.

A Doctor of Nursing Practice and licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, she has a broad scope of clinical care knowledge. Her doctoral research project was focused on menopausal women’s health needs. She received her Doctorate and Nurse Practitioner education at the University of San Francisco. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and has a rich history in working within the health field as an educator, lecturer, and public health professional.