Nicole grew up in a Spanish-speaking, multigenerational Mexican household which valued cultural heritage, honoring one’s elders and finding a path to serve the community. After growing up between Chicago and Urbana, Nicole obtained a degree in Biology and German Literature at Swarthmore College, where she learned the importance of critical thinking and holistic approaches to complex issues. This led her to pursue a Masters in Public Health at Yale University, where she addressed health at the population level. However, she discovered that her true passion was working directly with patients and therefore decided to pursue a degree in medicine. She decided to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology so that she could help women in some of the most vulnerable and truly amazing moments in their lives. As a practitioner she values listening to her patients first and foremost, and uses shared decision-making in order to empower her patients to achieve their health goals. While not in clinic or in the hospital, she enjoys practicing Ashtanga yoga, but mostly runs around after her three children, trying to show them the beauty of the world and the importance of being responsible citizens.