Erik Schten

Dr. Schten has been providing primary medical care at the Novato clinic since it opened in 2001. In those years he has taken on a leadership role as Medical Director, as well as serving as MCC’s lead expert in skin diseases, including cancer prevention and treatment. He also provides expertise in geriatrics and epidemiology. His childhood years living in Ethiopia and Colombia sparked his passion for working with diverse international populations.

Dr. Schten’s philosophy is to help patients maintain or regain their health, but strongly believes that the main responsibility for this rests with the patient. He believes that healthy lifestyles and stress reduction are crucial to good health.

Dr. Schten’s world map in the clinic, with pins marking the country of origin of every patient, is evidence of his world view. He speaks Spanish with his patients but admits, “I still get frustrated when I don’t understand the punch line of a good joke.”

Dr. Schten is proud of the growth and progress he has seen at MCC and optimistic about the future possibilities. “I continually learn from our patients and marvel constantly at their strength and fortitude in the face of daunting obstacles.” Dr. Schten received his Medical Degree from Medical College of Wisconsin, and his residency from University of California at San Diego Medical Center.