Audrey Combs

Audrey Combs is a Family Nurse Practitioner originally from the Central Coast of California. She came to the Bay Area in 2002 and completed her undergrad at UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology. During college, she studied in Barcelona, Spain for a year and came home speaking Spanish. After college, she moved to Japan for a year to teach English and came home telling jokes in Japanese. After traveling for many years, she decided to go back to nursing school and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. This was the most rewarding and best decision of her life.

Audrey loves working at MCC and serving her amazing patients. She is specialized in Women’s Health, so she does a lot of reproductive care, including for teen clients at Huckleberry Youth Services. She also loves taking care of children. There are many families she has had the great fortune to be the primary care provider for grandma, mom, dad, siblings and newborn child. She is proud and humbled to support entire families to live their healthiest lives. Audrey plans on serving her patients at MCC for many years to come.