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Clinician Spotlight: Mai Magliocco, MD

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Meet Physician Mai Magliocco, MD

Internal Medicine physician Dr. Mai Magliocco has an unusual history with Marin Community Clinics. In 2005, she joined us as a medical assistant; in the fall of 2016, she began full-time work an adult primary care physician at our San
Rafael Clinic.

Life experience points to medicine

An alumna of Drake High School and a liberal arts major in college, she began her career at a science-oriented company. But a seed had been planted – accompanying her mother (a nutritionist) on volunteer work, participating in a public health project in Paraguay while in high school, and volunteering in a homeless shelter all pointed her in the same direction: medicine.

“Over time, I realized that science ‘from afar’ wasn’t satisfying; I wanted to work directly with people and still be involved in science, so I decided to go to medical school,” she explains.

She began volunteering at free clinics, spent time learning about community medicine in Brazil, and then began working with us as a medical assistant. “Physicians like Dr. Eric Schten knew of my interest, so I had a lot of learning opportunities. The result was that I was well-prepared for medical school.”

Following graduation from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Dr. Magliocco completed her residency in Internal Medicine at California Pacific Medical Center (San Francisco), where she worked as an inpatient hospitalist and also served as Chief Resident.

After medical school, she chose to return to Marin Community Clinics.

“It’s hard work, but very fulfilling,” she concludes. “Everyone at the Clinics is amazing – going above and beyond to help our patients have healthier lives.”