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Arturo’s Story

By September 26, 2016November 24th, 2020No Comments

Marin Community Clinics’ success – and the excellent health care provided to our patients and other low-income residents – is due in great part to the partnerships we have with other organizations.

Read how our partnership with Kaiser San Rafael has made a difference in the life of one patient.

Arturo’s Story

Sixty-two year old Arturo had always been healthy, but last year he started turning pale, losing weight, and having dizzy spells.  He was seen at Marin Community Clinics by a gastroenterologist who ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy, both of which were performed at Kaiser San Rafael – one of the Clinics’ long-standing partners in providing care to our low-income patients.

The diagnosis looked grim, and after more tests and a biopsy, Kaiser determined that that Arturo’s cancer had spread. He underwent chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and later had a ten hour surgery to remove 50% of his stomach.   Arturo is now on preventive chemotherapy and doing well.  And, thanks to the assistance of Marin Community Clinics staff, he has health insurance and is a Kaiser member.

His sister, Emma, who has been involved every step of the way, attributes his speedy recovery to several factors.

Strong family support is critical,” she explains, “as is his positive attitude – and God’s will.  There are no words to describe the excellent care he received at the Clinics and Kaiser.  Everyone has a golden heart, and he is treated with respect and compassion.  You are angels.”