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Volunteer Spotlight: Marty Frankel, RN, MFT

By May 18, 2018November 24th, 2020No Comments

Volunteer Spotlight: Marty Frankel, RN, MFT

In 2015, when Marin Community Clinics took on coordination of the Health Hubs, we asked the Marin Medical Reserve Corps (MMRC) if it could provide licensed volunteers to help with the health screenings.

Marty Frankel, RN, MFT, an MMRC member and Inverness resident, immediately stepped up to the plate. Once a month, for the past two years, she has volunteered at our San Rafael Health Hub to conduct screenings for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. When screenings indicate that someone is high risk for problems, she facilitates scheduling medical appointments, or even getting them to a hospital emergency department.

Volunteer Mary Frankel, RN, MFT screens a Health Hub attendee

Expertise & sensitivity make for a great volunteer

We are fortunate to have Marty on our team. She not only brings a strong spirit and commitment to her work, but has a wealth of experience. Marty, age 70, worked as a family nurse practitioner for over 40 years, was one of the founders of the Pt. Reyes Community Clinic, has a Master’s Degree in counseling, and was on the nursing faculty at Sonoma State University.

Marty feels strongly about the role that the Health Hubs play in the community. “Food and security are huge issues for so many people,” she explains. “When 50% of your income goes to pay the rent, having a food bank with free, nutritious food is a big benefit. The Health Hubs provide the whole package – food, exercise, education, and lots of fun – it’s a great place for people to come.”

She also explained that many of the attendees are new to the US, don’t yet have health care providers, and may not even know they have a chronic condition such as diabetes. “This is an easy way to get screened, learn about health in a positive manner, and get referred for help.”

Florencia Parada, who coordinates the Health Hubs, is enthusiastic about Marty’s contributions. “She understands the life challenges our patients face and the impact these can have on their health. She is culturally sensitive, understands their fears, and is dedicated to helping them make positive health changes.”

Calling all Registered Nurses!

If you are a registered nurse and interested in volunteering on our Health Hub screening team, contact

Marty recommends it: “I love working at Marin Community Clinics – perhaps more than any group with whom I have ever been associated. The staff lives out its mission every day, is alert to patients’ needs, and eager to help. Everyone is well cared for. It’s a gift to work with them.”


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