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Tips and Resources for Parents at Home

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Tips and Resources for Parents Home Schooling Children due to COVID 19

  • Create a consistent daily schedule. All people work best when they have a predictable, consistent routine, but this is especially important during times of uncertainty.  Set up each day to follow the same routine, and try to stick to it as much as possible.  If there will be a change in schedule, give as much as advance warning to children as possible.
  • Schedule frequent breaks throughout the day. Many schools provided mostly online resources for their students, which means extended time sitting in front of a screen. This is really hard for younger children, and older teens may be tempted to stay on their screens all day.  Schedule in small breaks for moving around between subjects, and to maximize focus this should occur as frequently as possible without disrupting work.
  • Schedule outdoor time and/or exercise each day. Remind families they can still go outside as long as they practice social distancing, and they should do so.
  • Make time for human interaction. Do an art project together, play a game as a family, cook a meal together.  Have no technology at meal times to encourage talking and connecting.  Then, allow kids access to social platforms such as Google hangout, Facetime, or others to connect with their peers “face to face.”
  • Give children “jobs” in the house. All children can contribute to the household and it helps give them a sense of agency as well as takes the burden off of overwhelmed parents.  Keep chores simple and age appropriate, and include kids in the decision process.
  • Check in with your children to assess how they are coping. They may be frightened or anxious about what they are reading or hearing, and they are also very attuned to their parents’ emotions so may be picking up on your stress as well.  Provide reassurance and introduce coping skills.  Sesame Street in Communities has great resources for parents of younger children.
  • Take care of yourselves. This is an anxiety-provoking time for adults as well as children.  Practice self-care and you will be better able to support your children through this time.

Below is a list of educational resources:

Remember, it’s important for your physical and emotional health to be active.

Marin County parks and preserves are closed until further notice, the closures comply with the Marin County public health order issued March 22, 2020. For community health and safety please respect closure signs.

The public health order was issued because high numbers of visitors during the COVID-19 emergency were creating a public health risk. Marin County Public Health is encouraging people to stay local, and practice social distancing.

Maintain a distance of six feet from people who are not part of your household, indoors and out.

Marin County Parks will continue to support efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) as needed, based on public health guidance.

Remember that you can still go outside to exercise, but please maintain the recommended social distance (6 feet from other people).

Check this website for a list up to date information regarding Marin County Parks.

You can be active when you’re inside, too.

Many of the links above have indoor activity ideas.

These programs can inspire younger children to move:

San Rafael City Schools Remote Learning Site – Daily Story Time and Resources by grade.

Available for anyone to use.