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Patient Care News: Dental Transfer

By January 15, 2018November 24th, 2020No Comments

Transfer of County Dental Services a Success4th-st-from-street

In mid-November, the County of Marin transferred its dental services to Marin Community Clinics – the first step in a well-coordinated plan to transfer medical, dental and infectious disease services to our organization.

Patients will continue to be seen in the same location as before (the County’s San Rafael facility on 4th Street) but are being cared for by the Marin Community Clinics dental team and under our management.

Connie Kadera, DDS, our Chief Dental Officer, reports that Marin Community Clinics saw over 900 former County patients the first month.

“It’s going very well,” she reports. “Both the County and the Clinics have worked hard to make this an easy transition for patients. To eliminate wait times, we are using an appointment system and have a dedicated chair for dental emergencies. Also, we’ve brought in additional staff from our other dental clinics and made some nice facility upgrades.”

The 4th Street clinic is now open 6 days/week for adults and 5 days/week for children. The goal is to treat 40 pediatric patients and 32 adult patients each day. County medical patients with TB, Hepatitis C, and HIV will be transferred in early February.