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Message from the CEO

By July 8, 2019November 24th, 2020No Comments

Marin Community Clinics – Health Care for All

Our theme for 2019, “Health Care for All,” is more important than ever, given the impact the national scene is having on the healthcare environment.

At Marin Community Clinics, we are committed to leveling the playing field so that everyone — from recent immigrants to low-income residents, small business owners, seniors on Medicare, and employed people with limited insurance coverage — has the same access to a full spectrum of state-of-the-art care provided by expert, caring staff in modern facilities.

It’s a challenging time

Everyone deserves equal access, but there are challenges:

  • While the Affordable Care Act has resulted in many more people having healthcare coverage, it continues to be in jeopardy
  • There are still many Marin residents without health insurance or who have other significant barriers to care
  • Proposed federal legislation has created fear on the part of some immigrants.

The result is that some are missing appointments or not renewing/enrolling in insurance. The potential impact on the nation’s community clinics is sobering — reduction in patient visits means less reimbursement, potentially severely affecting their sustainability

Carrying out our commitment takes special effort

This year, Marin Community Clinics is working on multiple initiatives, many of which will be accomplished in collaboration with our community partners. Our goals are two-fold: making a difference in our patients’ lives and ensuring the Clinics’ long-term viability. We are:

  • Reducing barriers to care and addressing the social determinants of health
  • Enhancing our role as the Health Home for our patients
  • Addressing patients’ fears about immigration issues
  • Increasing public awareness that Marin Community Clinics exists and is here to serve all
  • Expanding our Medicare and private insurance patient population
  • Advocating for equal access
  • Increasing our focus on philanthropic support to augment our Charity Care fund

Our core mission has always been to provide care to the most vulnerable populations, and that will not change. We are here to serve everyone in the community that needs high-quality healthcare, including those who are insured. It may be a challenging time, but, with your support, Marin Community Clinics is up to the task!

Our core mission has always been to provide care to the most vulnerable populations, and that will not change.