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From Patient To Staff: Homegrown Leaders

By May 16, 2022No Comments

Marin Community Clinics is successful when our patients feel welcome, understood, and are engaged with our staff. Our employees are the backbone of our organization and with almost 600 people, we are a major employer in Marin County. The Clinics makes a concerted effort to employ from the community that we serve – and once on board, advancement opportunities, training, and educational support are available at every level of the organization. Our goal is to have staff who feel appreciated, are engaged and dedicated to their work, and  enjoy being an integral part of the work we do every day. 

While all Marin Community Clinics staff understand the importance of providing access to health care services to our community, some are able to relate on a deeper level: they themselves were once Clinics patients. It’s no coincidence that they chose to launch their careers right here. Meet two staff members who started their journey as patients and became leaders – proudly giving back to the community they are from. 


Geidy began her career at the Clinics 13 years ago.

Connections: What type of Clinics services did you or your family benefit from?

Geidy: I received care from the Clinics from 1998 to 2008. My family benefited from various medical and dental services – some of them still do! My parents could not have afforded care from a private office. My dad worked construction and my mom worked at a car wash.

The Clinics offered us excellent care at a low cost. I was able to get all my required vaccines for school. It was such a relief for my parents to know we had a place to go if we got sick.

How has the fact that you’ve been a patient inspired your work today?

I always wanted a career that involved helping others. The staff I came across when I was young were helpful, caring, compassionate, and understanding. I saw the Clinics as an opportunity to give back to my community, and help others receive the care I once received.

I am an advocate for our patients. My goal is to treat and care for patients the same way I was treated and provide the resources and care they need, especially during this uncertain time.


Saida has been with the Clinics for 11 years.

Connections: Why was it important for you and your family to have an option like Marin Community Clinics for a health care home?

Saida: One of the reasons my parents decided to leave their countries (Mexico and El Salvador) was due to the lack of health care and resources for low income families, which was us. 

Unfortunately my parents lost my younger brother (who was only 4 months when he passed away) due to the lack of money and health care resources in Mexico.  Having Marin Community Clinics as an option – even as we were uninsured at that time meant everything to my parents – their children now had access to health care services regardless of where they came from.

Why do you feel it’s important for the Clinics to provide those in this community that may be looking for job opportunities with a chance to begin a career?

I was supported, encouraged, and most importantly, mentored here. Now I’m the Clinic Manager. I love that Marin Community Clinics fosters the next generation and truly promotes and supports growing from within.  

Looking to join our mission-driven team? Explore our career opportunities today.