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Donor Spotlight

By November 27, 2023No Comments

Dr. José Chibrás served as Chief Medical Officer of Marin Community Clinics from 2017-2021. Today, he is Medical Director of Strategic Projects and an internal medicine physician. He came to the Clinics with a broad range of experience, including more than two decades as a Chief Medical Officer of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Sonoma and Santa Cruz Counties.

What inspired you to become a doctor?
As an adolescent, I received my primary healthcare at a community health center (CHC) in Santa Clara, California. The physicians who worked at the CHC were extraordinary role models and instrumental in encouraging me to pursue a career in healthcare.

Why did you pursue leadership?
In medical school, professors encouraged us to participate in leadership roles, and I took their words to heart. It has been my privilege to provide support for high-quality team based primary healthcare. I am grateful for the inspiring work my colleagues do each day.

Why do you volunteer & donate to the Clinics?
I am grateful to community health centers for providing health care to me as a young adult, and for the physicians who encouraged me to pursue a career in medicine. It has been a blessing. I believe it is my responsibility to give back to CHCs, as they have been so important in my life, personally and professionally.

Marin Community Clinics is an extraordinary organization that I am proud to work for and to provide annual contributions, including sponsoring the Summer Solstice Celebration and Golf Tournament. I also enjoy giving my time and energy to the Golf Committee where I can engage with new people and share my insights about how the Clinics makes this a better place to live and thrive – for everyone.

Why is supporting the work of Marin Community Clinics important?
People might be surprised to know that the Clinics provides healthcare to approximately one in five Marin County residents. The people we serve are the most vulnerable and medically underserved individuals in the county. They are often the people who provide essential services to many of us. Providing financial support to MCC ensures our community is productive and healthy, and that anyone can receive excellent health care services, which is a human right.