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Connecting for Health: Fall 2017

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Preserving Health Care for Those in Need

Not too many months ago. it looked like the Affordable care Act would be replaced by a new program that would have tremendous negative impact on the underserved.lisa-leavitt-jdownsphoto_sm

Uncertainty remains

In early October, federal elected officials had reportedly given up on recent efforts to repeal the Act which seemed like good news. However, later in the month there were new efforts to dismantle at least a portion of the Act – efforts that could have a catastrophic effect. undoubtedly, the situation will continue to unfold over the coming months. resulting in continuing uncertainty. In another legislative…


Quality: Going the Extra Mile

By Mitesh Popat, MD, MPH – Chief Executive Officer

“Quality.”  It’s a word that means different things to different people. To patients, it can mean easy appointment-making, helpful staff, modern facilities, timely calls back from providers, and positive health outcomes.

To providers at Marin Community Clinic, it means all of these things – and more. Are patients getting the right care at the right time? Are issues being identified early on? Do we have an expert team in place? Is our structure set up for success? Are we continually striving to improve? Are we focused on the health of the community at large?


Helping Patients with Complex Medical Needs

Our Intensive Outpatient Case Management Program

Q&A with Catherine Cappelletti, RN, PHN, Nurse Care Coordinator


What is the Intensive Outpatient Case Management Program?


This is a RN-led program that coordinates care for patients with multiple chronic illnesses and/or complicating social factors such as …


What kind of patients are in the program?


To qualify for the program, patients must be…


County to Transfer Patients to Marin Community Clinic

In the coming months, community members who currently receive dental and infectious disease services at the County of Marin’s Department of Health and Human Services clinics will be transferred to Marin Community Clinic for care. Patients being transferred will include adult and pediatric dental patients as well as patients needing treatment for HIV, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis. Services will be provided in the same San Rafael location as they were before, but the care will be provided by the Clinic team.

Patients will receive integrated, comprehensive care

Approved by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, the decision was …


Giving Back:

A Letter from Guatemala

Guatemala, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Burma, and India…Marin Community Clinic dentist Bich Nguyen, DDS has been to all of them – but not for vacations. Twelve weeks each year, she travels to underdeveloped countries to provide much-needed dental care.

Born in Vietnam, I emigrated to US with my family when I was 10 years old. My interest in dentistry started early (when I was in high school) and I eventually completed dental school at UCSF and opened a private practice.

Seven years ago, my life changed when I had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer dentist in …


Clinician Spotlight:

Meet Caren Schmidt, PsyD

The Clinic’s lead Pediatric Behavioral Health provider, Dr. Caren Schmidt, has had a life-long passion for helping children.“I’ve wanted to be a child psychologist since I was 13 years old,” she reports.

Schmidt’s interest was sparked when, as a junior camp counselor, she was able to help a troubled child. This started her on a path that included completing a doctorate and working at SF General Hospital – all with a special interest in helping underserved children who have suffered from …


Your Contributions Make a Difference

Volunteer/Donor Profile: Lou Geissberger, DDS

If you have ever visited our San Rafael dental clinic, you know that it is not only hi-tech, but also a friendly and comfortable environment. What you may not know is that a local dentist, Dr. Lou Geissberger, was instrumental in its development.

Dr. Geissberger, who retired in 2007, cared for several generations of Marin families during his 50 year career. He began volunteering early on, conducting dental exams …


We All have Birthdays!

See what Clinic supporters are doing to celebrate

We all have birthdays, often marked by joyous celebrations. While receiving gifts can be wonderful, people are increasingly using the occasion to support causes about which they deeply care.

Birthday fundraisers are simple – all you need to do is pick an organization that you care about. Then, let people know that, “Instead of spending money on a birthday gift for me, please donate to this amazing organization that will put it to good use.” Because everyone who gives to your effort also has a birthday, you just might inspire your friends and family to launch their own birthday fundraisers, creating a chain reaction….


Summer Solstice Celebration a big success

Community health clinics such as ours were founded to serve low-income, under-insured and uninsured patients. Contributions from community and philanthropic partners allow us to provide the margin of excellence for every person that walks through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Summer Solstice Celebration is our annual fundraiser, and we are proud that it has grown alongside our nine clinics. The 2017 Summer Solstice Celebration was our most successful event yet, raising $110,000 and hosting over 250 supporters at the Marin Art and Garden Center.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and guests for making the Summer Solstice a memorable occasion!

We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s celebration on June 20, 2018.

At Marin Community Clinics, we rely heavily on our dynamic community of donors. It is our donors that allow us to add/enhance programs that provide quality, cost-effective, culturally sensitive, patient-centered health care.


All donations to Marin Community Clinics are tax deductible as permitted by law.