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It’s rewarding to know our community members live healthier, happier lives because of us. We take great pride in knowing our most vulnerable are cared for, as well as anyone that needs us — from children to older adults, and everyone in between. We care through our vast amount of quality services – from pediatrics to obstetrics and gynecology, preventative dentistry to restorative procedures, psychotherapy to family medicine, and so much more.

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It’s inspiring to see our community recognize where there is a need, and take action to create a better Marin for future generations.

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We are Growing a Resilient & Responsive Health Care System

For 50 years, Marin Community Clinics has been here for those that need us; regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, citizenship, and orientation. We are the largest community health center in Marin. Through wildfires, blackouts, and during a pandemic, we never back down from serving our community. While our impact has grown significantly, so has the need for our services. Our work is not done.


The word is out about the excellent care we provide, and more people are seeking our services than ever before. We’ve proudly earned the trust and respect of the communities we serve, and our impact is profound. Our patients need us.

Now is the time to scale up operations to improve the future of healthcare in Marin.


The Campaign for the Next Decade includes four key initiatives to meet the critical demand for our services head-on:

1. Respond to Marin’s burgeoning dental need.

2. Increase adult and specialized senior care.

3. Expand and enhance medical and behavioral health clinics.

4. Invest in top healthcare professionals.

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Campaign for the Next Decade Leadership Group:

Campaign Leadership

In response to Marin’s burgeoning dental need: The purchase and renovation of the dental office complex located at 411 Fourth Street in San Rafael.


Only half of our medical patients receive dental care; which means that the other half do not. The purchase and renovation of this clinic allows us to grow.

Despite our dental team working seven days a week, it is impossible to keep up with the demand. The purchase and renovation of this building, which we are currently leasing a portion of, will result in a total of 5,000 square feet at this location.

Dental care, particularly for children, is often the entry point to many of our health care services. Many older adults have delayed visiting a dentist for several years, resulting in a high need for dentures and advanced care for our older patients.

Marin residents without private dental insurance have extremely limited options for care. Maintaining oral health is critical to overall health and well-being —expanding our dental services is the solution.

"Dental care is absolutely critical to overall wellness. By supporting this campaign, you’re changing people’s lives for the better.”

– Connie Kadera, DDS, Chief Dental Officer

To increase adult and specialized senior care: The new Greenbrae Clinic located at 1260 S. Eliseo Boulevard.


One in three Marin residents are 60 and older. To serve this booming population, the new Greenbrae Clinic expands our healthcare for adults, including specialized care for older adults.

Conveniently located near MarinHealth Hospital and many specialists who treat our patients, the renova-tion and long-term leasing of this building offers 5,366 square feet, 11 state-of-the-art exam rooms, counseling and education rooms, and an on-site pharmacy.

A multi-disciplinary team at this clinic will address the complex medical and psychosocial needs of adult patients.

"Things unfortunately don’t get any easier as we get older. The reality is they get harder. But we can help, and we will: Ensuring we take care of our senior community members is a priority of the Campaign for the Next Decade.”

– Xavier Perez, MD, Medical Director

To expand and enhance medical and behavioral health services: The new West San Rafael Clinic located at 1618 Second Street.


Pre-pandemic, the need for healthcare services in Marin was increasing. Subsequently, due to the economic fallout, the need for affordable care is greater than ever, and it isn’t going away.

The new West San Rafael Clinic is centrally located and allows more convenience for people living in Central San Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax, and surrounding areas.

The purchase and renovation of this 1,974 square foot building will increase the Clinics’ available exam rooms and counseling rooms to expand patient access.

The clinic will serve as an innovation center to pilot new and technologically advanced ways to improve the patient experience and access, including telehealth services.

"The pandemic has offered us a renewed perspective on community-minded healthcare. It shined a light on our role, and what we must do to secure the future of equitable healthcare for years to come.”

– Mitesh Popat, MD, Chief Executive Officer

To invest in top healthcare professionals: The Provider Recruitment and Retention Fund.


Marin is one of the country’s most competitive markets for recruiting excellent medical talent. The proximity of competition, coupled with high housing costs, make recruitment very challenging.

To maintain the precedent we’ve set in offering the high-est quality and the most compassionate care – delivered by a culturally diverse group of healthcare professionals – we are committed to hiring and retaining outstanding medical providers.

The solution is the Provider Recruitment and Retention Fund, managed as a Board-Designated Reserve Fund.

The Fund will be invested for long-term growth, and a specified percentage will be used annually for signing and retention bonuses, student loan repayment, or re-location costs.

"In a competitive market, our team currently consists of the most passionate, caring, and dedicated providers in the field. Our retention and recruitment fund will ensure we keep it that way.”

– Jose Chibras, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Marin needs our services now!

From single mothers to older adults; young children to entire families; from those who may have fallen on hard times to those that were born into them: thanks to your support, we’re here – for anyone.

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