Dr. Degamo is a well-rounded physician who believes that access to good primary healthcare is key to reducing the disabilities from complications of chronic illnesses. She completed her medical education and internal medicine residency training in the Philippines before securing a scholarship to study hematology and blood banking skills in New Zealand, the results of which were subsequently shared with practitioners in the Philippines.

Her wish for further knowledge and skills led her to the Boston Veteran Administration Hospital, University of Boston as a re-entry point into an USA-based residency training in Internal Medicine. Dr. Degamo completed a Primary Care Medicine residency in The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard School of Medicine. Her final year of internal medicine training was at the large, very busy Hennepin County Medical Center, where she also did some research. She later pursued a sub-specialty fellowship in Geriatric Medicine, University of Hawaii when she was confronted with health issues of her aging parents, and after immersion in health care of the elderly in Florida. She enjoys getting to know her patients fully, and can speak with them in Tagalog as well as Spanish.