Reshem Agarwal

Reshem Agarwal, MD is a primary care pediatrician and child health advocate. She believes firmly that beyond routine health maintenance including physical exams, immunizations, and laboratory screening, children need healthy relationships and environments to reach their fullest potentials. She hopes that through her work, she may help families harness available resources to build these healthy relationships and environments.

Dr. Agarwal grew up near Los Angeles where she attended medical school at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. She then spent three years in Washington, D.C. completing a residency in pediatrics while simultaneously gaining exposure to health policy in our nation’s capital. She enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones, playing word games, and painting during her leisure time.

Throughout her career, Dr. Agarwal has grown passionate about working with diverse populations. As a daughter of Indian immigrants and a longtime Spanish-speaker, she strives to appreciate each patient’s unique cultural background and social circumstances. Dr. Agarwal’s mission is to learn from her patients and their communities so as to best provide holistic care and promote wellness at both the individual and community levels.