I strongly believe that access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right.”Bill Kerr

Bill Kerr, Chair of the Board of Directors of Marin Community Clinics, expresses his commitment in these words. “I joined the MCC Board in 2009 because it is a vibrant organization that shares that same commitment to providing access to all people in our community. I felt that in a volunteer role I could pursue that goal, and bring a level of health care experience to the Board.”


He brings a very high level of experience: a long career in hospital administration, including twenty years as Director of the UCSF Medical Center and a decade as a healthcare consultant to academic medical centers throughout the U.S. That experience developed his business acumen and belief in the importance of competence, and helped to define his core values – our shared values – of teamwork and respect for patients, colleagues, and our community.

His first goal for his tenure on the Board was achieving financial stability. “With the finances stable we can reinvest in the organization, expand services, launch new care initiatives, and expand facilities. We have met this important goal this year, and we are poised to do so in the future.”

Bill appreciates having the health center’s own patients serving on the Board. Not only does their unique perspective benefit the governing process, but they also represent Marin Community Clinics in their communities. He shares with them the love of volunteering, the personal satisfaction from being involved with the fine staff, leadership, and donors. His passion shows when he says, “I get far more than I give in the process.”


  • William B. Kerr,
  • John E. Boland, III, DDS, MSD
    Chair Elect
  • Daniel A. Segedin
  • Grace Hughes

Community Members

  • Cristina A. MacKenzie, CHC, CHPC
  • Alyssa H. Morris
  • Jerry Oken
  • Daniel A. Segedin
  • Frank Tavel, MD

Consumer Members

  • Nildes Cardoso
  • Martha Hansen
  • Michael Harris
  • V. Lynn Hinck
  • Freshte Kashani, PhD
  • Sue Mace
  • Teo Martinez
  • Julio Morales
  • Veronica Rodriguez
  • Stacy Scott

Patients Invited to Join Board of Directors

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Marin Community Clinics is committed to having over half of its Board of Directors be patients, or parents of patients who are currently receiving health care services from the organization. The perspectives of consumers provide invaluable contributions to the overall governance of the organization. If you or a family member is an active patient in one of our clinics, and would like to explore the possibility of joining our Board, please contact board@marinclinics.org.

Dental Advisory Committee

  • Barbara Cancilla, RDAEF, Chair
  • Kent Angerbauer, DDS
  • John E. Boland, III, DDS, MSD
  • Carol Essick, RN
  • Louis Geissberger, DDS
  • Connie Kadera, DDS, Chief Dental Officer

Medical Advisory Committee

  • Robert MacInnes, MD, Chair
  • Nelson Branco, MD
  • Phillip Madvig, MD
  • William Mentzer, MD
  • Elizabeth Shaw, MD
  • Frank Tavel, MD
  • Mitesh Popat, MPH, Chief Medical Officer